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Jeff Iorg: a 21st century renaissance man



Golden Gate Seminary President Jeff Iorg interacts with students on the Northern California campus.

“We want to focus on delivering theological education and leadership development in the western United States with an online educational component that will make us more of a global seminary.”

Jeff Iorg, president, Golden Gate Seminary

MILL VALLEY, CA — The 100-acre northern California campus of Golden Gate Seminary is located in one of the most picturesque and strategic settings imaginable. It is situated atop a hummock only seven miles north of the Golden Gate Bridge and overlooks the San Francisco Bay.

Southern Baptists’ westernmost seminary also has regional campuses in Brea in the Los Angeles area; Vancouver, WA; Scottsdale, AZ; and Centennial, CO, near Denver.

In a recent interview with The Index, President Jeff Iorg elaborated, “We need five campuses because the West is a big, diverse place. If you were to drive and visit all five of our campuses, you would cover 3,569 miles. If you made a similar trip to visit the five other SBC seminaries, you would only log 3,056 miles.”

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