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The debt on the Georgia Baptist Missions and Ministry Center has been paid in full. The $25 million gift to retire the debt came from the Georgia Baptist Health Care Ministry Foundation (GBHCMF).
Ringgold students combine Bible study and Mission Georgia

At the beginning of the school year Reagan Christol, a member of Burning Bush Baptist Church, was looking for a way to inject new life into a student Bible study at Heritage High School, where she's a sophomore.
Our SBC hears the call

Taylor Echols: 'silent assassin,' 'steadfast ambassador'

"Being a part of the UGA men's basketball team has been an incredible blessing, an experience that I will carry with me the rest of my life."
Northside thrives under Fosterís leadership

Those who have known Robby Foster for a while knew that Northside Baptist Church in Valdosta would come alive and thrive under his leadership.
Georgia Baptist Convention Report Of Receipts

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Cooperative Program Stories

Marketplace ministry built on prayer and stones

When Stacey Williams' supervisor randomly asked him last October to call on a business client in Chattanooga, he met a miracle.

Bible Study

Jesus: A Death Like No Other

Matthew 27:28-31, 45-50, 54
Bible Studies for Life, March 29
Jesus: Resurrected Like No Other

Matthew 28:1-10
Bible Studies for Life, April 5


A perspective on politics

There was a time when I thought I wanted to go into politics. I was in high school at the time and fascinated by the good things Dwight David Eisenhower did during his administration as president.
The Open Door

Georgia Baptists have been amazingly blessed by the Georgia Baptist Health Care Ministry Foundation as the foundation has paid the entire balance of the remaining debt on the Missions and Ministry Center.
Waiting on someday

"Since You Asked"

How do we protect society against those who would extend the special status of marriage to homosexual, lesbian, or polygamous relationships?