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Partially deaf church planter reaching Detroit's unchurched

Scott Blanchard is familiar with all the public perceptions of Detroit and its surrounding area: Metro Detroit is dying. No one wants to live in the city. The Church can't survive, much less thrive in the Motor City.
Westboro protester Fred Phelps dies at 84

Fred Phelps, the controversial pastor of the independent Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, KA known for its protests of homosexuals and presidents as well as military funerals and the Southern Baptist Convention, died March 19. He was 84.
Ministry allies unite through LoveLoud
Macedonia Baptist Church, Jackson

The search for the neglected is not a difficult one. Most people don't have to look any further than their local public school.
East Atlanta church plant seeking festival assistance

The first annual East Atlanta Spring Festival has been scheduled for May 10, the Saturday before Motherís Day, and is seeking assistance from fellow Georgia Baptist congregations to provide a witness to the community.
Under the Gold Dome

I am reminded of I Chronicles 12:23 that says the Sons of Issachar "understood the times and knew what to do." With this in mind, I have been studying the various resolutions passed down through the years by our convention. These, along with The Baptist Faith and Message, make up the framework that Dr. White and I use in speaking on legislation before the Georgia General Assembly.
Pro-Hobby Lobby side remains hopeful

The U.S. Supreme Court contemplated the right of business owners to exercise their religious beliefs in the face of a government decree upon their companies during oral arguments in a case that is expected to have a long-lasting impact.
Mt. View Baptist catches the vision of belonging

Henry Loggins, 66, is Southern Baptist to the core. However, he has served as the pastor of several Independent Baptist churches.
Meet the Master in the Mansion
While tackling Denver's challenges, church embraces CP global legacy

Their mission trips carry the Gospel to California, Alaska, Arizona, Hungary, Trinidad and Tobago, with Utah a potential new site. To thoroughly fulfill the Great Commission, however, Arapahoe Road Baptist Church relies on the Cooperative Program.
Be a part of the story

When I walked into my oldest daughter's first grade parent-teacher conference my suspicions were confirmed by the smile on Mrs. Stanton's face. Danielle had finally learned to read! She struggled to learn, but now that she is a teenager she always has a book, or Kindle, in her hand. She loves a good story!
'We're in this thing together'
American Fellowship hosted at Missions and Ministry Center

The task of reaching Georgia for Christ is massive but far more attainable when churches work together than work separately. That was the theme that resonated throughout two days in late March when African-American pastors were hosted to the first statewide orientation at the Baptist Missions and Ministry Center.