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What a church should know about reporting suspected child abuse
Georgia's mandatory reporting statute

This article provides a brief synopsis of how Georgia's child abuse reporting law impacts churches, church schools, and church ministries.
After Hobby Lobby ruling, leaders rally around RFRA

A diverse coalition of church and synagogue leaders has penned a letter to congressional leaders asking them to renew support for the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.
Christianity Today lists 4 Southern Baptists among 33 top young evangelicals

Four young Southern Baptists are among Christianity Today's "33 Under 33," a list of 33 millennial Christians featured in the magazine's most recent cover story who are shaping the church and culture.
Shorter University teams collect six national titles

Not one. Not two. Not three. Not four. Not five ...
Running toward the darkness armed with the Gospel

Peter Kendrick, regional associate dean of New Orleans Seminary for Georgia, stated, "It has been the vision of Dr. Charles (Chuck) Kelley (NOBTS president) to make accredited theological and ministry education affordable, accessible, and convenient for everyone.
Seminars to give historical perspective of stewardship
Meetings to be held September 15, 29, 30 and October 14

If new state missionary Scott Preissler had a television persona, it might be closer to myth buster than anything else.
Louis Finch geek for God

Some would say that Louis Finch is a geek. While that may be true, he is a geek for God and his Computers 4 Christ ministry is making a difference for the Kingdom of God.
We believe in the Cooperative Program
Music camps: lots of learning and loads of fun
Fun at Toccoa

Genuine Christian music is holy. Believers rejoice in the sound and are urged to "make a joyful noise to the rock of our salvation."