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Be there for each other


If you belong to organizations that require you to be away from your spouse and family during the week, resign most of them. I know husbands and wives who are at church three nights a week plus Sunday. That is too much, even if you are the pastor.

You do not impress God by neglecting your family. You only impress Him when you are obedient to His word. Success begins at home and not with some civic, secret, or religious organization. Too many husbands and wives steal time from those who love them the most to give it to those who love them the least. A lost opportunity can never be relived regardless of how many pictures the other spouse took.

If you are out every night, do not be surprised if someone else takes your spouse out. Neglecting your spouse speaks volumes and they all say the same thing, “You are not important to me anymore.”

Few things are sadder than a married person who is unloved and neglected. Eventually the cords will snap and vows will break. Being married to a stranger is no fun. 

After reading Amos 3:3 and Ephesians 5:15-16, sit down with your spouse and evaluate your outside activities. Perhaps each of you can go on an "activity diet" and eliminate unnecessary activities. You will be surprised how the embers of commitment will be rekindled into the flame of devotion shared on your wedding day.

This series of devotions relating to marriage are taken from “44 Ways to Strengthen Your Marriage” by evangelist and pastor Jerry Drace.

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