Editorial: Normalizing murder in America


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I despise the thought of starving a cute little tabby cat. I deplore the idea of beating a pedigreed Boston terrier, inflicting any discomfort upon an adorable French poodle, or even neglecting an old, rawboned, hound dog. I am shocked and saddened when I see pictures of animals that are being neglected, abandoned, tortured, abused, or treated with cruelty. It is sinful and inhumane.

God gave to Adam and to all of us the responsibility of caring for non-human life. Psalm 36:6 tells us that God provides for both humans and animals, and numerous passages teach that God has made provisions for animals to survive and propagate. Jesus admired the birds of the air and pointed out that God cares for and protects them (Matthew 6:26; Luke 12:6, 24); and wild animals accompanied Jesus during His temptation in the wilderness (Mark 1:13).

So, God bless those who are advocates for the care and protection of animals. However, many of those same people who are advocates for animal rights are strangely silent when it comes to the abuse and slaughter of unborn babies. In fact, many in our society are attempting to normalize the atrocity of abortion.

If you are buying the erroneous spiel and the cavalier propaganda that abortion is "normal" you have been hoodwinked by a voice from the pit. An aborted baby is not a commodity to be sold for profit by Planned Parenthood or an insignificant tissue to be cast into a dumpster in a back alley. It is premeditated murder and it is not normal.

It is normal to eat and sleep. It is normal to go to work and set aside times for relaxation. It is normal to smell roses and smile at the antics of a clown. It is normal to breathe fresh air and talk on the telephone. However, abortion is deviant, disturbing, and destructive to the individual, family, and whole of society. It is not normal!

But here is what the media is doing to attempt to normalize abortion in our country. TownHall.com reports, “ advocates were once content to refer to abortion as an unfortunate necessity, but in the face of pro-life gains in legal and cultural fronts, are going for broke on a new strategy: flaunt your abortion.

“The Twitter trend #shoutyourabortion is the most obvious and dumbed-down version of this trend. But other instances in the past few years are numerous.”

In 2013 a movie, Obvious Child, hit the theaters of America. The movie review promoted it as “a warm and romantic comedy about abortion.”

A comedy? Really?

Bonnie Fuller reviewed the film, stating, “There hasn’t been – at least not in my memory – a movie which has navigated the tricky subject of abortion so deftly. It’s so important for women to hear a story about abortion that isn’t a horror story, not one in which it’s decided that, yes, after all, the woman will keep the baby because she loves the father she’s just met so very much.

“Mistakes happen, and women need to have choices. It’s important for women to be able ... to watch a romantic comedy that places a woman in control of her own destiny.”

Then last year another pro-abortion movie, Grandma, hit the screen – a second Hollywood effort to make a feel-good flick about abortion. LifeSiteNews.com explained, “Grandma stars Lily Tomlin as a tough-talking, chain-smoking, septuagenarian lesbian whose granddaughter approaches her for the money to get an abortion."

The movie turns into a roadshow that has Grandma and her granddaughter traveling across the country asking old boyfriends, relatives, and others for money to pay for the termination of the inconvenient pregancy.

LifeSiteNews.com reports, “Along the way Tomlin gets a tattoo (administrated by real life transgender actor LaVerne Cox), demeans a middle class family as 'Ozzie and Harriett,' and teaches her granddaughter that she needs to be more rude and profane.”

The “glorification” of abortion has certainly not escaped television. Just before Christmas on ABC’s show, Scandal, the lead character Olivia Pope was portrayed having an abortion to the tune of the Christmas carol “Silent Night.” The Christian Post said, “The winter finale seemed like a one-hour commercial for the controversial abortion provider Planned Parenthood and was ‘Hollywood’s moral depravity on full display.’”

TownHall.com concluded, “This is the new line abortion activists are pushing. Their goal has gone beyond ensuring that a woman can legally kill her child. Taking a page out of the gay marriage movement, they are now demanding affirmation and rejoicing in their liberating killing.

“They used to argue for abortion as a sad, but necessary freedom. No longer. Now it’s presented as normal. Ordinary. Something to connect about with other women. Funny even.”

Those who would like to minimize the trauma of abortion boast about the number of legal abortions decreasing from 1.31 million in 2000 to just over 1 million in 2014. I see that as little consolation, because there have been 57 million babies aborted in America since 1973. Millions of women who might have had abortions were aborted themselves, so the fact that there were just over one million babies aborted last year is no consolation; and there will be no consolation for me until the battle is won, the war is over, and abortion is no longer an option, because the right to not be killed surely supersedes the right to not be pregnant.

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