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The difference between fact and feeling


Your best friend should be your spouse. Best friends spend time together. And if you spend time together you must be able to communicate.

Since communication is mostly the tone of the voice and nonverbal expressions, it would be wise if we could distinguish fact from feeling. Husbands usually deal with facts. Wives deal with facts and feelings, with a heavy emphasis on feelings.

Many couples exchange their wedding vows based strictly on their feelings for each other. They bring their hearts to the altar and leave their heads in the parking lot. Feelings will not sustain a marriage when facts overrule the emotions.

Love without commitment is only feelings masquerading as fact. A young man pointed out a certain young lady in a crowd and told me with great enthusiasm, “I love her!” When I asked him how he knew this he replied, “Every time I get around her, I get this strange feeling in the pit of my stomach and I feel funny all over.” I jokingly told him he might be allergic to her. 

After reading together Proverbs 4:1 and Mark 4:9, share with your spouse the difference between "Fact" and "Feeling.” You might be surprised that your feelings are controlling your marriage, and that is a fact.

This series of devotions relating to marriage are taken from “44 Ways to Strengthen Your Marriage” by evangelist and pastor Jerry Drace.

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