Commentary: Anger, then heartbreak, in reaction to protests in support of abortion


Protests by those who support abortion have been large and loud since the Supreme Court’s long-awaited decision.

There were a few images from those protests that particularly stood out to me.

The first was a woman, clearly pregnant, displaying her bare belly with the words “Not yet a human” written on it. According to the woman, she was due to give birth the very next day.

The baby within her womb was one day away from birth, and yet she still did not consider it a human being.

The other image was that of a family of five – mother, father, and three young children. The mom was holding a sign that read, “Don’t force this on anyone!”

My first response was anger. How could these mothers do this to their own children? To use them as props in a political protest is, to me, unconscionable. And even more appalling is the fact that they were being used by their own mothers to promote infanticide.

Imagine the reaction of a child, years later upon seeing the picture of his pregnant mother, realizing that at that time she did not consider him a human being? Or that of the three children, forever wondering if their mom felt they were “forced” upon her?

My heart broke for the pain those children would feel. And then, the Lord broke it further. For the mothers.

The truth is that they are also victims. Victims of the culture and of their own sinful desires. Victims of the lies propagated by the pro-abortion movement.

These women were raised in a country where, since 1973, abortion had improperly been considered a “constitutional right.” They have never known an America where abortion was illegal. Their entire lives were based on deception – that a fetus is not a human being, and that a woman should be allowed to “choose” to kill her pre-born child.

Now, with the Supreme Court turning the issue of abortion over to the states, the fight for life continues. And to win it, Christians need to engage with those who advocate for abortion rights. Only the Lord can change a heart, but we can plead with and exhort our opponents to seek His truth.

We should pray for them and redouble our efforts to share the gospel with them. Ultimately, no legal or political decision will free them; only Christ.