Commentary: Celebrate last year’s Dobbs decision, but don’t stop protecting life  


As many of you may remember, last June 24 was a very important day in the history of the United States. On that day, Roe versus Wade was overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling on the Dobbs case. The bottom line is that the original Roe v. Wade decision was unconstitutional because there has NEVER been a national constitutional right to abortion!

Because of the Dobbs decision, it was determined that there was no constitutional reason for Georgia’s Heartbeat Law to have been stuck down. Therefore, the 11th Circuit ruled on the basis that since the U.S. Supreme Court found Roe vs. Wade to be unconstitutional, the Heartbeat Law should go into effect.

Statistics have proven that the Heartbeat Law (even while back before the Georgia Supreme Court) has contributed to saving thousands of babies’ lives.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution recently reported that The Georgia Department of Public Health has shown that Georgia’s monthly abortion rate of 4,000 abortions per month (before the Dobb’s decision) has been practically cut in half because of the court’s ruling and the enactment of the Heartbeat Law.

That is why it is important, now more than ever, to recommit ourselves to being the hands and feet of Jesus and working together to build a culture of life in Georgia.

Now is the time, not to just celebrate, but to make sure that caring for mothers and babies is a part of the core of our church’s ministry. See the 2022 Georgia Baptist Convention resolution on “The Church in a Post-roe Era”:

That’s why I am encouraging you to join me at the Frontline Policy Council’s “Life Wins: A Dobbsiversary Event” at the State Capitol. The event is this Saturday, June 24, at Liberty Plaza, which is right outside the Georgia Capitol Building, at 11:00 a.m.

This event is all about celebrating, educating, and motivating one another to keep the momentum of life moving forward in our state. We can be thankful for the Dobbs decision victory, Georgia’s Heartbeat Law and the incredible women who are bringing precious children into this world.

At this event, I will get the opportunity to speak, along with some inspiring pro-life speakers such as Congressman Rich McCormick, Senator Ed Setzler (author of Georgia’s Heartbeat Law), and Suzanne Guy, who heads-up the Life Initiatives and Values ministry at First Baptist Woodstock.

This will be an event for the whole family. There will be food, and a bouncy house will be on hand to make it a fun event.

Everyone attending is encouraged to participate in the Diaper Drive – bringing diapers, unused items, resources, and support for pregnant women. These donations will be distributed to those on the “frontlines,” serving these incredible moms in need every day.

Please make plans to join us and register today for this great event:

This anniversary reminds us that the principle of protecting human life is still needed today. Every human life has value. It does not matter how that life was conceived or in what condition the child is born. It means that every human life is to be protected from those who would destroy it.

Protecting every human life is a stewardship from God! This stewardship is both individual as well as social. We are our brother’s keeper. We must do what we can to preserve, protect, promote, and celebrate life!


Mike Griffin is the Public Affairs Representative of the Georgia Baptist Mission Board.