Commentary: Georgia Baptists urged to contact senators to voice opposition to gambling bill


On February 1st, new gambling legislation was introduced in the Georgia Senate.

Senator Billy Hickman authored Senate Bill 57 to legalize sports betting and horse racing through the Georgia Lottery.

This bill is not a constitutional amendment, but rather a legislative bill that will only require a majority vote in the Senate to pass.

See my video from the Capitol where I explain this bill:

SB 57 has been assigned to an economic development committee that could have a hearing within a week.  So, it’s important now that you contact your State Senator and let them know that you do not want them voting in favor of any expansion of gambling in the state of Georgia!

Why? Because this kind of gambling legislation is characterized as “predatory gambling.” Predatory gambling occurs when corporate gambling interests partner with the government to cheat and exploit its citizens. So much of gambling is rigged so that if you win it is mainly for the purpose of luring you into more gambling. It is a big con game. Citizens are conned into thinking that they can make money, when the truth is that they are just going to get scammed!

Gambling also encourages multiple other addictions and crimes.

Gambling has the potential to destroy whole families through addiction, bankruptcy, and other evils such as alcohol, drugs and pornography. Multiple sociological studies have repeatedly proven this fact.

The American Psychiatric Association’s “Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders” classifies gambling as an addictive product likened unto heroin, opioids, alcohol, and cocaine.

For these reasons and more, we do not need gambling made legal at any level in the state of Georgia!

I have said for years when testifying in hearings at the State Capitol that the legalization of moral vices has its greatest detriment on our children. And yet, children and tax revenue for education are used as the excuse for the legalization of things like predatory state-sponsored gambling.

You see, gambling is immoral and out of character with biblical Christianity.

The very nature of the predatory gambling industry, including the lottery, video coin-operated machines, sports betting, casinos, and parimutuel betting, is antithetical to living the Christian life. See article.

It is important that you reach out now to your State Senator and let him know that you are not in favor of them voting for any gambling expansion in Georgia. See Senator Directory.

Please share this information with your family, friends, and church members ASAP.

Here is additional information that churches can give out to their members from our Gambling Awareness Sunday webpage:

Thank you so much for your prayers and support!


Mike Griffin is the Public Affairs Representative of the Georgia Baptist Mission Board.