Commentary: God's design is perfect


Recently, my wife, Carolyn and I were eating a sandwich for lunch in one of our favorite restaurants. We were quietly talking about a lot of things when suddenly my wife pointed out a little bug which was sitting on the window ledge.

I looked down to see what she was talking about. I had a hard time focusing on the very small insect to which she was referring. Finally, my eyes focused on a tiny little white bug that was no more than one-eighth of an inch long. It did not arrest my attention so I continued our conversation. However, in a few minutes I found myself looking at that extremely small white bug with more interest. It became my focus for a few minutes as I pointed out its parts and uniqueness to my wife.

This little insect was perfectly formed in every way. Its wings were somewhat long for its size and I could, by squinting, make out the pattern of veins in its wings. A beautiful pattern. Now, remember, this little bug is only about one-eighth of an inch long, wings and all. Next, I noticed that it had two antennae attached to the front of a head that was several times smaller than a pin head. These antennae were rounded on the outer edge. They looked like a little hand fan that had rounded corners. They looked too big for the size of the insect but they were perfect in form. They also, like the wings, had a beautiful pattern that looked like lace.

I watched this beautiful little bug for several minutes and I began to ruminate on the fact that God formed such an insignificant little creature with the same kind of precision He used on everything else He created. My little friend was a marvel to behold and I have thought about him several times since seeing him on the frame of that window at the restaurant.

The thing that I have thought about is that from the most minute to the very biggest creation of God, He formed everything perfectly. There is no detail lacking when He does the designing. God created little creatures which would make the little bug I saw look like a giant. Creatures so small that the unaided human eye cannot see them, as well as the largest and most dangerous animals, are all designed by God. The universe with all its wonders is also His design.

The world just went crazy over the recent eclipse of the sun. Over six billion dollars were spent for people to travel to an area of totality. That occurs when the moon perfectly obscures the sun for a few minutes. Think about this: things are so perfectly designed by God that the size of the moon is the same size as the sun as seen from Earth. If the moon were closer to us or the sun further away it would not be so. We can see the sun’s corona because the moon perfectly blots out the sun itself, allowing us to see the light that shines around the moon’s form.

Using professional equipment, some people photographed solar flares emanating from the sun. They were visible because the moon perfectly blotted out the sun. God’s design is perfect. That alignment did not just happen. The moon appearing to be the same size as the sun is not happenstance.

It is a part of God’s design, just like the lacy antennae projecting from the head of our little white one-eighth-inch bug. He has a heart. He has a breathing system. He has a digestive system. He has a circulatory system. He has muscles that operate his wings. He is just as perfectly designed as the eclipse.

But all those things are not as perfectly designed as is the human being. The human being is God’s crown of creation. We are created in His image so the design is perfect. I believe that God made man like He did so that the incarnation of Jesus Christ could take place. If that were not so, Jesus would have had to take on some strange and alien form to be able to come and live as one of us.

When a Christian is resurrected from the dead at the last trump, they will be given a glorified body. When Jesus was resurrected, He had a glorified body and He looked no different. Our design is perfect. Every aspect of our physical and spiritual being is God’s perfect design.

The little bug’s perfectly designed wings are not a match for the unparalleled and intricate design of the human eye. Only God could create such a wonderful thing as the human eye. Every part of a person’s body is just as well designed. No creature in the world has a hand like the human hand with its opposing thumb. Every creature is perfectly designed by God to live in its environment, but none is like God’s crown of creation, the human being.

We are also “made in His image” in that we have a spirit and that spirit must be redeemed in order for us to live forever in His presence. It was perfect in the beginning but sin corrupted it, thereby necessitating the fact that Jesus had to come and be the sacrifice for our sins so that we could dwell forever in a perfect environment with Him as a perfected human being. God’s design for us is perfect.

If He cares about a little white bug on the window sill, He certainly cares for you. If He made that little insect so perfect then He certainly made us physically perfect, and through the sacrifice of Jesus and His shed blood He will make any human perfectly suited to spend eternity with Him if they commit their life to His Son, Jesus Christ.


William F. Harrell is former pastor of Abilene Baptist Church in Augusta.