Commentary: Prayers and quotes for a time like this


I encountered this eye-catching quote from a book by Charles Martin entitled Chasing Fireflies which has been part of my bedtime reading to relax the mind after a busy day: 

 “It’s the bad that let’s you know how good the good really is.”

Perhaps this applies to the revivals that have broken out on  several college campuses, beginning at Asbury and reaching our somewhat nearby Samford.  We read today that “the continuous revival services that began at Asbury on Feb. 8 have come to a close after bringing more than 50,000 visitors to the services.

The revival has already caused ripple effects throughout the nation and world.

In these times when many, if not most, of our colleges have been corrupted by an insidious cancel culture that promotes irreligion and immorality, personified by AOC who recently spoke out against Christian ads during the Super Bowl broadcast.  The revivals are shining that much brighter amidst what has been an increasingly dark “Dark Age.”  Let us pray for their continuing spread to other campuses.

One further quote, this from Liel Leibovitz in First Things who began by writing about the “Royal Prodigal,” the un-prince-like Prince Harry who has turned his back on his royal family and responsibilities.  Leibovitz goes on to write these words about our times in which “movers and shakers of our culture” seek to discard our faith and traditions: 

"We are at a watershed moment, and we must now decide if the future belongs to the faithful or the nones (those who profess no faith, or as in the case of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who sees Biblical Christian Faith as fascist).  If it is the latter we wish to throw in our lots with, all we have to do is nothing.  The allure of the lowly appetites and self-indulgence will take its natural course.  But if it’s the former … don’t play defense against the outside world; aggress, and have confidence that your way of life is superior because, unlike the transient hokum that passes for virtue these days, our religious beliefs and habits have survived the test of time and are demonstrably and unshakably true.  And don’t forget to have fun, because, without joy, tradition isn’t a word but a sentence … (let us be busy) fighting the good fight in an uncaring, disenchanted world.  It’s that dashing spirit of refusal to go along with the dull and commonplace that has always propelled small groups of believers to accomplish astonishing things … We owe our own children that joy, conviction, and heroism.  With God as their portion, they won’t end up weepy and in exile (Prince Harry) from all that we hold dear."

Lord, May we be known for our Christian convictions and heroism in the face of a culture cut adrift from You.  In Christ’s Name. Amen


Dr. Paul  R. Baxter is the mission strategist for Georgia's Pine Mountain Baptist Association.