Commentary: This year marks the first sanctity of human life day since the overturning of Roe


On January 13, 1984, President Ronald Reagan proclaimed that January 22 would be the first National Sanctity of Human Life Day. January 22 is the anniversary of the Supreme Court decision to legalize abortion-on-demand in the U.S. in 1973.

This month marks the 50th Anniversary of the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision, which led to the deaths of over 60 million preborn children in the United States alone.

But this year, on the National Sanctity of Human Life Day we will be celebrating last year’s overturning of Roe v. Wade on a Sunday. This will be the first time in 50 years.

Now, more than ever, is the time for us to recommit ourselves to being the hands and feet of Jesus and work together to build a culture of life in Georgia that ministers both to mothers and babies. Now is the time to make sure that caring for mothers and babies is a part of the core of our church’s ministry. See the 2022 Georgia Baptist Convention resolution on “The Church in a Post-roe Era”:

The principle of protecting human life is still needed today. Every human life has value. It does not matter how that life was conceived, or in what condition the child is born. It means that every human life is to be protected from those who would destroy it.

Protecting every human life is a stewardship from God! This stewardship is both individual as well as social. We are our brother’s keeper. We must do what we can to preserve, protect, and promote life.

We are thankful for Georgia’s Heartbeat Law that has already helped save thousands of lives. Our abortion rate has been approximately cut in half over the past year! We have much to be thankful for and much to keep working for.

What can we do? Individually, we can’t save every human life from destruction, but we can save all that we can. Each one is special, and we should protect as many as possible because respect for all human life begins with respect for life in the womb (Genesis 1:26-27; Psalm 139).

Now is the time to make abortion unthinkable in a post-Roe era. By doing so, we will have a positive impact on the value and sanctity of life outside the womb.

Traditionally, churches recognize the third or fourth Sunday of January as Sanctity of Human Life Sunday. Please see this downloadable/printable bulletin insert for you to use as you’d like: .

Also, you will see on the bulletin insert that the Together for Life Event is scheduled at the State Capitol for February 9. Please make plans to encourage your church members to attend. See more info here:

Finally, please contact me if you would like for me to come and speak to your church on the sanctity of human life ( I would love to be of help to your congregation!


Mike Griffin is the Public Affairs Representative of the Georgia Baptist Mission Board.