Matt Queen tells conference attendees the best way to do evangelism is to 'actually do it'


ALBUQUERQUE (BNM) - Matt Queen spent an hour helping a roomful of people explore how they could approach the gospel in the everyday encounters and conversations of life. Quoting an unknown author, Queen started the conversation honestly. “Evangelism is a conversation between two people who are nervous,” he said. The group gathered in the room responded with quiet laughter. The description seemed to resonate with almost everyone there. Queen was presenting a breakout session during the 2024 New Mexico Evangelism Conference.

Queen arranged his session around three questions. What is the main thing standing between you and getting the gospel into your conversation? What is an opportunity to share the gospel? What are some specific ways you can get the gospel in your conversations?

While Queen addressed some common hindrances to talking about the gospel, he focused on two more general issues. Some common hindrances were rejection, lack of confidence and feeling untrained. Queen said someone could add other reasons to the list, but the core challenges were broader and more significant.

Addressing those issues, he asked, “Are you willing to be obedient?” “Disobedience gets in the way of getting to the gospel,” he explained. Obedience, he said, was the first critical issue to consider. Second, Queen asked, “Do you want to share the gospel?” “Getting to the gospel in our conversations has a lot more to do with ‘want to’ than ‘how to,’” he said. “We can [always] talk about the things we want to talk about.”

Queen illustrated his point by asking how many people like to talk about sports. He acknowledged the many raised hands with a question. He asked, “Did you get training for that?” “No,” he said. “You just want to talk about it, so you do it.” He said the same thing should happen with getting the gospel into our conversations.

Addressing the second main question, “What is an opportunity to share the gospel?” Queen asked the group, “How many [of you], if given the opportunity, would take it? Most people in the room raised their hands. After their response, he explored various opportunities and admitted everyone could add to the list. Opportunities to share the gospel are “a lot more common and conspicuous than we think,” he said.

Queen described and illustrated the following opportunities from his own life and experiences.

- Extended time with another person

- When someone visits your home or workplace

- When you experience an interruption in your day

- An inner impression to share the Gospel with a person

- Interacting with someone wearing a cross

- Interacting with someone who has tattoos

- When you are using public transportation

- When you see an isolated person thinking intently

- Praying before a meal in public

- Engaging with a person who needs help or assistance

- Participating in a church evangelistic event

Queen quoted Dave Wiggins to introduce his final key question, “Starting spiritual conversations is easier than turning conversations spiritual.” The key question was, “What are some specific ways you can get the gospel into your conversations.” Queen listed ways to begin a spiritual conversation directly rather than start with a non-gospel conversation and shift its focus. To illustrate, he conducted a role play with a random attendee, engaging him in conversation, then awkwardly switching to spiritual things. He offered the following spiritual conversation starters.

- Make a comparison (e.g., a postal worker delivering mail, “I have a message to deliver to you.”)

- Ask a reverse question when you already know their answer (e.g., “What do you think happens to people when they die?” Then, tell them what you know.)

- Ask a leading question and keep asking them questions until they return and ask you a question. Once they ask you a question, use it to start a Gospel conversation.

- Identify a need in their life.

- Use a holiday to start a conversation (e.g., Christmas and Easter)

- Use a catchphrase (e.g., “Has anyone taken the time to tell you God loves you?” or “Have you heard any good news today?”)

- Use a prop or a tract (e.g., evangelistic dot on watch, bracelet with colored beads, a gospel tract like Steps to Peace with God or others)

Queen encouraged people to avoid gimmicky approaches and to be sincere. But, he reminded the group, “The best way to do evangelism is the way you actually do it.”

After discussing each key question, Queen led a guided prayer time. He concluded each prayer break with his own prayer for the group.

Queen’s breakout session was one of ten sessions. Each was available twice on Tuesday afternoon of the evangelism conference. The schedule allowed attendees to attend two breakout sessions in person. Nine sessions were audio recorded so individuals could hear sessions they could not attend due to schedule limitations.

Audio recordings of all breakout sessions and keynote sermons delivered during the NMEC are available at At, individuals can stream the recordings online or download them for offline listening. The podcasting site is available 24/7 at no cost. The recordings enable attendees and non-attendees to hear material they missed and to share sessions and messages with small groups and other meetings of their churches.

Queen’s breakout session is also available directly from him in video, PowerPoint and a listening guide. Interested individuals can request those materials from him by contacting him at


This story was first published in The Baptist New Mexican, the news site of The Baptist Convention of New Mexico.