Pastor's wife: It's okay to call for help when you need it


Steve is a genius. Really. He is a pharmacist, a deacon, a missionary, plus so much more. I can’t think of anything he can’t do. His wife, Alicia, is also very intelligent. They both have hearts for Jesus, serve Him faithfully, and are dear friends.

Steve and Alicia are leading our mission trip to Kenya this summer. They encourage us, guide us, and lead us as we prepare for the trip. In that prep is the e-visa for entrance into the country.

Technology is my Kryptonite so I put off applying for my e-visa. There were so many questions! Before I had even begun, I was fearful I would mess it up.

Steve offered to help. I wanted his help. I NEEDED his help. But I didn’t want to ask; I wanted to do it by myself.

Everyone on our group text gushed: “Mine is filled out.” “Done.” “Submitted.” I put a heart on all their texts-team player and all. But I hadn’t tried.

Steve offered help again but I declined. I wanted to be self-sufficient.

The clock was ticking down. We were two weeks away from departure. The e-visa needed to be completed. So, I opened my laptop to begin. My heart began to race. I prayed for wisdom.

My info was in the database from a previous trip. Yay! I thought. This might be easier than expected!

It was not. The task seemed to take forever. I overthought every question. Finally, at long last, I was at the payment screen. I put my bank card number in the designated box, pressed “SUBMIT,” and waited. This is really happening. I’m going to Africa! I silently cheered to myself. A notice flashed on the screen saying the bank required more info and to please contact them ASAP. Naturally, the bank was not open.

My heart felt heavy. I tried not to cry. After speaking harshly to my laptop and the e-visa website, I prayed aloud, confessed all known sin, tried three more times and then did what any reasonable 60-year-old woman would do in a case like this: I quit. I walked away. This was too hard! 

I had already started packing my bags. We were making plans for what the dental team would do. We had been praying for months. This one electronic hurdle could not possibly stop me from going…could it? 

Then I came to my senses. I called Steve-the guy with the answers. The guy who knew what to do. The one who had offered to help at the beginning. And guess what? He took care of the whole thing. I gave him all my info and before I could grab a tissue, he texted me that I would get a confirmation email in just a few minutes. Which I did. My e-visa burden was lifted, giving me such peace, such relief, that it was hard to describe. I was trying to look smart, self-sufficient-but I was not. I desperately needed help. 

Please know that our heavenly Father has all the answers. He is the One who always knows what to do. Every single day He offers to help us. If. We. Ask. Philippians 4:6-7 reminds us, “Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” The peace that is hard to describe.

I will never ever have all the answers. I will never ever be able to make it on my own. But I know a Guy. Steve can help with the e-visa stuff, but my Father knows everything else!


Dawn Reed is a pastor's wife and newspaper columnist. Reach her at