Stories about missions are the bread and butter of Southern Baptist journalism


What Southern Baptist journalism has proven over the years is that our readers are hungry for news about their missionaries. They want to know details about where they’re serving, what’s it like there, and what kinds of difficulties they are encountering.

They also want to know about the successes of their missionaries. How many people have they led to Christ in the past week, month, or year? They love hearing the details, because there’s nothing more exciting than hearing about people’s encounters with Jesus.

The Georgia Baptist Mission Board’s Tim Williams is one of the best when it comes to sharing such stories. He believes the people and churches who support his work as an evangelism consultant in his home state deserve to hear those stories. So, Tim reports almost daily about the people he introduces to Christ. 

The Index was able to run a story and photos this week about Michael Harrington’s work in France as a church planter for the International Mission Board. Incredibly, Michael is working in a country with a population that is less than 2 percent evangelical Christian. He certainly has his work cut out for him there.

The Index’s analytics page proves time and again the popularity of such stories. Michael’s story was an immediate hit among our readers who, no doubt, paused right where they were to pray for him and the gargantuan task he’s facing.  

The Christian Index gives the highest priority to missionary stories. Southern Baptist can’t get enough of them. Those are the same Southern Baptists who are providing the funding that keeps their missionaries on the field, the same ones who pray for their missionaries, the same ones who love their missionaries.

That’s why the Index staff wants Southern Baptist missionaries to know that our pages are open for your stories. The Index was created 200 years ago to tell those stories. So, count this as an invitation to contact our staff with your missionary story ideas. You’ll be amazed how quickly we’ll get them posted.


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