Walkway collapse injures 17 on coastal Georgia dock


ST. MARYS, Ga. (AP) — A metal boat gangway collapsed Tuesday on a coastal Georgia dock, injuring 17 people, including six who were sent to local hospitals.

A group was boarding a cruise in St. Marys when the gangway collapsed with a loud noise, with local news outlets reporting about 20 people falling into the St. Marys River, which marks the border between Georgia and Florida.

Those waiting were Navy veterans and relatives visiting for a reunion of crew members of the submarine USS Angler. The World War II submarine was decommissioned in 1968.

Ed Zdarko of Titusville, Penn., told The Brunswick News that he was lucky because he was running late and was thus at the end of the line. He said the gangway dropped about 10 feet.

“Maybe six people made it across the ramp," Zdarko said.

St. Marys Mayor John Morrissey said Tuesday that it was too early to tell why the city-owned ramp collapsed.

City Manager Robert Horton told The Associated Press Wednesday that the investigation is continuing and he didn't know when it would be complete. City officials had no updates on the status of the injured.

The city temporarily closed its piers and boat ramps to inspect for other problems.