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Editorial: Senator Lankford’s perspective on Planned Parenthood

Dr. Gerald Harris J. Gerald Harris

Occasionally I will see a television commercial depicting dogs that have been abused. The faces of these dogs mirror neglect, pain, and loneliness. I am often moved by these advertisements, because I am heartbroken over any living creature that must endure maltreatment or harm.

The Humane Society of the United States has been a leading voice for animals for more than half a century. This animal protection organization works diligently to reduce suffering and create a meaningful social change for animals in every way possible. I am happy there are such organizations providing care and response in situations when animals are in crisis.

However, without denigrating in any way the work of these animal protection agencies, it is obvious that we have greatly misplaced our priorities. Jesus might well call it “straining at gnats and swallowing camels.”

That is precisely what He said to the Pharisees in Matthew 23:23-24. The Son of God noted that the Pharisees meticulously paid tithes on mint, dill, and cummin (three tiny herbs grown for seasoning and flavoring their food). Their attention to tithing on these crops was to be scrupulously obedient. Jesus indicated that their commitment to the tithe was well, good, and biblically correct, but they were woefully negligent about the more important things like justice, mercy, and faithfulness.

Many of us are quick to fuss about trifles while ignoring more serious matters. For example, our society has become passionate about protecting animals, but sinfully remiss about protecting children in the womb. In the last week we learned that Planned Parenthood, the organization most prolific in murdering the unborn, was found to be selling the body parts of aborted babies. The organ-harvesting enterprise of Planned Parenthood, an organization that gets $528.4 million dollars from the federal government each year, has apparently become a lucrative business for the left-wing entity.

The pro-life legislators in Washington have called for an investigation into Planned Parenthood’s nefarious, reprehensible activities. However, the pro-abortion group in Washington, led by House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, wants to launch an investigation to expose those who uncovered Planned Parenthood’s barbarous activity.

Pelosi stated, “Let’s have an investigation of those people who were trying to ensnare Planned Parenthood in a controversy that doesn’t exist.” Pelosi’s modus operandi is almost the moral equivalent of condemning Jesus and letting Barabbas go free.

In order to put this whole argument in a Christian perspective I want to urge you to  look at the plaintive, passionate plea of Oklahoma Senator James Lankford. It is absolutely tremendous.


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